Tax Refund Info from Clark Howard

Looking forward to a big fat refund check this year? Maybe you’ll use it to pay down debt or treat yourself to a big purchase like a TV. Or maybe that check will help you put some savings in the bank or fund that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about in this cold...

Prepay Property Taxes before end of year?

Happy New Year.  I have been getting flooded with calls, texts, and e-mails regarding the question of prepaying property taxes.  Below is the best article i could find to help answer the question.  Please direct anyone to this blog with questions.  Thanks. Thousands...

Grand Opening New Office Location

Save the date. We will be celebrating the Grand Opening of our new office location. We would also love to have the chance to thank you personally for being a client and/or friend of RH Tax Services. Any, and all, are welcome. If you are reading this, you are invited....

New Business Expense Worksheet

Hey Everybody. We have a new Business Expense worksheet on the “Pages” page.  It has 3 tabs at the bottom so you can choose the tabs that apply to your deductions. That way we can get more accurate deduction numbers.  Go ahead and download it for free and...

Choosing a Tax Preparer

 IRS Tax Tip 2017-05, January 30, 2017 Inside This Issue Things to Remember When Choosing a Tax Preparer Taxpayers should choose their tax return preparer wisely – with good reason. Taxpayers are responsible for all the information on their income tax return. That’s...

12 Tax Breaks for Middle Class Families

Taking advantage of tax breaks aimed at working families can significantly decrease your tax burden. Lowering your adjusted gross income (AGI) through eligible deductions is especially important when filing jointly if both spouses work and earn an income. Check out...


Ross is so easy & efficient to work with; he makes it fun and helps you understand the process. I’ve used Ross for three years now and I no longer dread tax time since he’s made the process such a breeze. He really knows the right questions to ask to make sure he’s helping you get the most out of your return. Ross is the best!

Nicole C. / Sales Representative, Aramark

I have known Ross for the past five years and just started filing my taxes with him this past year. I should have started filing my taxes with Ross years ago! He is incredibly knowledgable and makes a process that is typically tedious and unpleasant quite enjoyable. Hands down, there is no one better in all of San Diego

Alex D. / Sales Representative, L3 Communications

I was introduced to Ross through family member. I hired Ross to help me with some back tax filings and to handle my current year. Ross is very knowledgable, efficient and so very nice. Filing taxes can be very stressful, not with Ross! Ross knows the questions to ask and where there be an opportunity for a deduction which are often overlooked. He is easy to reach and walks you through entire process. No need to meet him in person as his phone appointments are thorough and without interruption as it is your scheduled time. If you get to meet him in person that is an added bonus as he is so likable. Ross also corrected my taxes from previous years that were done by a well known pop-up on every corner agency at this time of year, they had me owing the IRS 3 times the amount, lazy, impersonal and lack of knowledge.

I highly recommend RH Tax Service. I will not trust anyone else with my taxes.

Susan R. / Real Estate

This is my third year in a row going to Ross Hesseling. I absolutely love Ross. He gets things done very quickly and is such a pleasure to talk to. Every year I am pleased with the speed at which Ross gets my tax return to me. Not to mention, he knows all the ins and outs of how to get back the amount that you deserve!

Hilary K. / Singer/Songwriter, Hilary K.

Ross is THE BEST! After years of filing through Turbo Tax, a friend set me up with Ross. I can’t believe how much money I was wasting by not having a professional do my taxes. I have referred him to everyone I know. Wouldn’t ever go anywhere else!

Kelly B.
Entertainment Industry